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    • Pillow_Fight

      Whack a Friend on International Pillow Fight Day!

      Growing up forces us to abandon some of the greatest things from childhood; couch cushion forts, camping inside, water fights. Luckily for us there is a group that is fighting to bring the fun back into our lives. The Newmindspace is a non-profit organization created by Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken. These two Toronto/ NYC artists have been organizing crazy events ranging from massive bubble battles to subway car parties. Their goal is to get people out of their homes and back into public spaces where they can meet new friends and enjoy their city in a whole new way. Oh, and to have fun; that’s the most important thing.  International Pillow Fight Day occurs each year in early April and has been running in Toronto for 10 years. Since its inception, the Pillow Fight has spread to 100 countries across the globe. To see if there is a fight near you, Click Here. The rules for pillow fighting are simple: swing lightly, do not hit people without pillows, do not hit people with cameras, and only use feather-free pillows. It’s also much appreciated if you help with the cleanup once the pillow fight has finished. This is a free event that can only work with the cooperation of attendees, so get out there, have fun, and lend a hand. Over 1,000 pillows were collected from the 2015 event and donated to homeless relief groups and animal shelters. For more information on International Pillow Fight Day or to see what other cool events are in the works, check out the Newmindspace Official Website, The Pillow Fight Day Official Website, The Newmindspace Facebook Page and Twitter. As always, we must tip our hats to the talented musicians that have allowed us to use their music in our videos. Check out their websites below to listen to more of their tunes! Music: “Bublitzki” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra (www.freakfandango.es) “I want your Love” by The Graveltones (www.thegraveltones.com) “Shiny Spaceship” by 8-Bit Ninjas (www.8bitninjas.co.uk) When: First Saturday of April, annually Where: Over 100 major cities. Click Here to find the closest one to you Photo Source: Wicked & Weird Around the World…

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    • Great_wheelbarrow_race

      Test your Stamina at Great Aussie Wheelbarrow Race

      Gardening these days often involves a lot of high tech gear; motorized lawn mowers, electric leaf blowers, weed whackers. It seems easy to forget how important a simple item as a wheelbarrow really was to ease labour and increase mobility. The Great Wheelbarrow Race was created to celebrate the Australian pioneers from the late 1800s. Back then proper transport was lacking, as were jobs. Miners would travel throughout the region using wheelbarrows to carry all their earthly possessions. The Great Wheelbarrow Race not only honours these tough veterans, but also gives visitors a chance to take in the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Queensland. The race itself was created in 2004 and takes place over three stages (Mareeba – Dimbulah, Dimbulah – Almaden, Almaden – Chillagoe) covering a whopping distance of 140 km. Over 500 people compete in this rough and tough race by grabbing a wheelbarrow and running down the dusty roads. You can participate in the Great Wheelbarrow Race by yourself or in a group. Competing teams must raise funds to help support local charities. Former charities have included Diabetes Australia, Care for Kids, and the Young Animal Protection Society. The 2014 event raised over $437,000. Organizers are hoping that this year’s event will break previous records.Prizes will be available for competitors who can blow the judges away with their costumes and parade performances. There will be other great activities to catch your interest during this three day festival, including a talent contest, street parade, live music, food and drink stalls, camping, and more.For a list of rules and regulations and to register to compete, Click Here. For more information on the Great Wheelbarrow Race, check out the Official Website and Facebook Page.   When: May 15 – 17, 2015 Where: Mareeba, Queensland, Australia Photo Source: Official Facebook Page and website (Peter Roy)…

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    • Cornish_Pasty_championships

      Test your Britishness at the World Pasty Championships

      There are few things more “English” than the Cornish pasty. You can find them at any train station, supermarket and in kitchen fridge in the UK. The Cornish pasty is a delicious flaky pastry usually filled with potato, swede, onion and beef (read the “official qualifications" are Here) In a quest to find the best Cornish pasty in the world, the team at the Eden Project have launched a competition that is making our tummies rumble. This year marks the 3rd annual World Pasty Championships, and we couldn’t be more excited. The organizers of the World Pasty Championships are calling on pasty lovers from far and wide to see who has the best pasty recipe on the globe. When Cornish immigrants left the UK and spread out over the world, so did the delicious pastry, which has grown and evolved over the years. The competition is open to companies, professions, amateurs, and children. The awards will be given out at the Oggy Oscars Ceremony at the end of the day. The event takes place a few days before the Cornish national holiday, St Piran’s Day. Competition £10 per category, or £5 for the junior categories. The costs for attending the event are included in the normal entry price for the Eden Project (for adults it is £19.95 in advance, £23.50 at the door). In addition to delicious pasties, there will be musical performances by by the Fisherman’s Friends, and Hedluv and Passman. Skip breakfast and head over to Cornwall for the delicious championships. About the Eden Project: The Eden Project is a charity and social enterprise based in Cornwall, UK that focuses on education, conservation research and green living. You can learn more about them Here. For more information on the World Pasty Championships, check out the Eden Project official website or the Eden Project Facebook page. Register here: When: February 28th, 2015 Where: Cornwall, United Kingdom Photo Source: Eden Project facebook page Looking for more great British Competitions? Check out the Toe Wrestling and Worm Charming competitions.…

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    • Lava_Hot_springs_winterfest5

      Get hot and cold at the Lava Hot Springs Fire and Ice Winterfest!

      We’ve found another wicked and weird winter festival! What better place to check out the fun than Idaho, USA? The folks over at Lava Hot Springs host their annual Fire and Winterfest on the first full weekend of February. The festival attracts winter-lovers from across the State and abroad. The events at the Winterfest not only test your love of the season, but also your tolerance to the cold. One of the main events at the Lava Hot Springs Winterfest is the Subzero Superhero Endurance Swim; it’s kind of like a fun run, but with swimming. There are prizes for best costume and effort. The Water carnival includes float relays, wall climb races, diving contests, and a splash event. The festival also hosts the notorious Running of the Bulls event where competitors run from icy cold pool to pool in just flip-flops and a bathing suit. Remember, it is just above freezing level right now so make sure to bring a thermos of hot coffee with you! Perhaps the most notorious event is the Polar Float Parade where competitors ride an inflatable tube down the chilly Portneuf River while wearing their favourite silly costume. Those brave enough to partake are richly rewarded with toasty hot tubs waiting for them at the end of the line.   What else can you expect at the Lava Springs Fire and Ice Winterfest? There will be wine tasting, a comedy night, bingo, chilly & bread tasting, fire performers and torchlight parade, casino night, American Legion Breakfast, and a rubber penguin race (think rubber ducky race). This year marks the 100th birthday celebration of Lava Hot Springs, so 100 balloons will be released to mark the occasion. For a full schedule of events, Click Here. For more information on the Lava Hot Springs Fire and Ice Winterfest, check out the Official Website and Facebook page. When: 6 – 8 February, 2015 (first full weekend in February) Where: Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, USA Photo Source: Official Facebook Page…

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    • Sapporo_Snow_Festival

      Admire the beauty of the Sapporo Snow Festival

      While many people huddle away from the cold and frosty nights, the folks over in Sapporo, Japan, are embracing the winter spirit like few others. This year marks the 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, one of the biggest snow and ice festivals in the world. Over 200 works of ice art will be on display throughout the city. Some of the most impressive and exotic sculptures will be on display in Odori Park. The first festival took place in 1950 when a few high school students created and displayed sculptures in Odori Park. Needless to say the idea took off and became a major tourist attraction for Sapporo, attracting over 2 million people each year. The main attraction of the Sapporo Snow Festival is undeniably the large and intricate snow sculptures, specifically the palaces. The snow palaces are lit up at night to create a magical landscape that captures the imagination. What else does the Sapporo Snow Festival have to offer? There will be hot spring tubs, a skating rink, a snowboarding jump platform, winter food park, tube slides, snow rafting, bushwalking on skis, clubs, and of course, karaoke. There will also be musical performances by the Self Defense Forces band. The Snow Sculpture contest sees competitors from across the globe compete in teams to create the most beautiful snow sculptures out there. This year the Sapporo Snow Festival will see teams from Australia, Daejeon, Finland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portland, Singapore and Thailand.   For a schedule of events, Click Here. For more information on the Sapporo Snow Festival, check out the Official Website or the City of Sapporo tourism website. When: 5 – 11 February, 2015 Where: Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Photo Source: Sapporo Tourism Official Website Curious about other winter festivals? Check out Carnaval de Quebec and the USA’s Frozen Dead Guy Days.…

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    • chinchilla-melon-fest-proposal-draft-300714-3

      Spit some Pips at The Chinchilla Melon Festival

      It seems like we've been covering a lot of Australian festivals on our website lately, and for good reason: the Aussie summer brings cartloads of strange and wonderful competitions. The city of Chinchilla in the Darling Downs region of Queensland is no different. Known as the “Melon Capital of Australia”, this 6,000 person city produces 25% of the country’s melons. As such, it is no surprise that Chinchilla hosts the world’s biggest watermelon festival. The Melon festival is held every second year in February and attracts thousands of melon enthusiasts from across the globe. The first festival was held over 20 years ago in 1994 and was put on to pep up the morale after a severe drought. The event proved so popular that the organizers vowed to keep it going. What can you expect at the Chinchilla Melon Festival? There will be a street parade, melon art competition, beach party, poetry, trivia nights, dances, photo competitions, movie nights, farm tours, cooking competitions, markets, big melon weigh-in, and of course free mouthwatering watermelon! The melon skiing event is one of the main attractions of the festival. During the event competitors squish their feet into carved out watermelons, grab hold of some ropes and get pulled by gigantic men along a slippery course. Not your thing? You can try to the melon bungee competition where 4 people go head to head tied together with a bungee rope. The goal: to stretch out and grab your watermelon. Be careful; it sounds much easier than it is and the melon tarp that you’re competing on it awfully slick. The Chinchilla Melon Festival might be the only place in the world where spitting is actively encouraged, spitting watermelon seeds that is. If you think you have what it takes to be champ you can try your luck at the Pip Spitting competition, or if you have a team of three people you can compete in the Melon Chariot Race. Using a chariot made of melon packing cartons, pallets and axels, teams must race around the arena and try not to fall off. The Chinchilla Melon Festival promises to be a fun festival for the whole family. For a complete schedule of events, Click Here. For more information on the Chinchilla Melon Festival, check out the Official Website, and Facebook Page. When: Feb 12th – 15th, 2015 Where: Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia Photo Source: Official Facebook Page Looking for another wacky Australian competition? Check out our episodes on the Booligal Sheep Races and the Sydney Crab Races.…

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    • Canadian_Tulip_Festival_tulips2

      Ring in the Spring with the Canadian Tulip Festival

      There is something about tulips that sings "spring"; those delightfully beautiful flowers found on kitchen tables and in café windows. The Canucks appreciate tulips like few other countries, and they celebrate the fine flower each year with the Canadian Tulip Festival, the largest tulip festival in the world. While you might think that this celebration is only to appreciate the beauty of the flower, it’s actually more historically significant. The Canadian Tulip Festival was founded in 1953 to celebrate Canada’s role in liberating the Dutch in WWII. The Canadians offered protection to the Dutch royal family during the German invasion of The Netherlands. In fact, the Dutch Princess Margaret was even born on Canadian soil at this time, the only Dutch monarch to be born in North America to date. After the royal family returned to the Netherlands in 1945 they sent a thank you gift of 100,000 tulip bulbs. The year after a further 20,000 bulbs were received with the hopes that they would be planted on the grounds of the hospital where the princess was born. Tulip bulbs have since then been sent in perpetuity. The tulip is the symbol of Ottawa, the Canadian capital, where the festival is held each year and where over 500,000 gather to take in the stunning displays of the gorgeous flower. While the festival honors friendship between two countries it is also a means to celebrate the spring. What can you expect during this 10 day festival? Obviously tulips.  The most spectacular display is said to be held at Commissioners Park where over 300,000 flowers of 60 varieties will be on display for all to see.  The festival itself features well over a million tulips in various locations. To check out the best displays take a look at the Tulip Map. There will also be spectacular firework shows, live music, self guided bike tours, period costumes, art displays, sword play shows, and more! For more information on the Canadian Tulip Festival check out the Official Website and Facebook Page. When: May 8th – 18th, 2015 Where: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Photo Source: Official Facebook Page…

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    • World_egg_Throwing_Championships

      It’s the Egg Throwing World Championships!

      What can you expect at The Egg Throwing World Championships? To start with, there is the notorious Accuracy Challenge where competitors must hit a target (a man named Joel Hicks) with eggs. The competition is scored according to where you hit him; 0 points for the head but 3 points for the groin! …

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    • Goomeri_pumpkin_festival

      Getting Things Rolling at the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

      Now in its 17th year, the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival draws 14,000 each year and has been voted number 24 in RACQs 150 Must Do’s. There will be a host of activities that are fun for the whole family, including camping, barbeques, amusement rides, live music and pumpkin fun photos...…

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    • Wicked and Weird Episode 2: The Maltese Carnival

      We are very excited to be sharing with you the second episode of Wicked and Weird Around the World! Carnival is an annual celebration leading up to Lent. It occurs throughout much of the world in countries with a large Catholic population. The festivities in Malta have been going down for almost 500 years! …

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    • watercress_festival

      The United Kingdom’s Watercress Festival

      The Watercress Festivals happens each year in the town of Alresford in Hampshire. Around 15,000 locals and tourists show up for this free daylong celebration of this tasty tidbit. The festival runs from 10am – 4pm and includes events like live music, artisan stalls, cookery demonstrations and free watercress farm tours!…

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    • Asparagus_Festival

      Going Green at the British Asparagus Festival

      Festivities kick off with the Great English Asparagus Run. This event sees hoards of people showing up to watch the first cut veg of the season being escorted to Buckingham Palace by a fleet of Morgan cars. The asparagus are then transported to Fortnum & Mason and are whipped up into something delicious for the menu. …

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    • Toe_Wreestling_

      Welcome to Wicked & Weird Around the World, you Nutter.

      Welcome and thanks for joining us at Wicked and Weird…Around the World! Join us as we seek out to find the strangest events the world has to offer. You think you’ve seen it all? Wrong! Stay tuned for regular updates regarding upcoming world festiva...…

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    • Tomatina_Tomato_Fight

      10 Tips to help you Survive La Tomatina

      La Tomatina is one of the most popular “odd” events out there. Taking place each year on the last Wednesday in August, La Tomatina sees visitors from all over the globe getting mucky in the World’s Largest Food Fight. The festival can be found in...…

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    • Gravy_wrestling_world_Championships

      Getting Dirty at the World Gravy Wrestling Championships

      Are you in the United Kingdom and looking to get up to some mischief? What could be better than heading over to the Rose N Bowl in Rossendale, Lancashire to partake in the 5th Annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships? The competition takes place...…

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    • Roodharigen_redhead_Day

      Spend the weekend with 5,000 Redheads!

      This weekend, September 1st and 2nd 2012, mark the 6th annual Roodharigen Celebrations, also commonly known as Redhead Day. Festivities will kick off at noon in Breda, The Netherlands, and is a weekend to celebrate those luscious ginger locks. Activ...…

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